Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Premise and the Promise...

Is it really any wonder that some of our children (indeed, adults too) are becoming examples of degenerating moral convictions and ideals? Not ALL, of course; we know there are many positively engaged people, including many children; and those examples need to be promoted and applauded and brought to the forefront.

I want to bring attention to what I feel are seriously negative influences that may effect our children, (and the rest of us) in this present generation. And, if possible, to look at how some of these things contribute to general moral decline and potentially to disastrous behaviors; and then to look at what, if anything, should and can be done to help uplift and encourage instead of demean and demoralize.

While the comments and ideals expressed here are strictly my own opinions (and sometimes conjecture), I am convinced that the evidence and examples given here will speak for themselves, and I am confident that my opinions are shared by many others who might also be eager to establish a voice for change.

I am also convinced that if nothing is done to reel in some of the rampant ugliness and general lack of moral impetus, things will only continue to decline, and some of the examples here may actually become the norm rather than the exception. Haven't we seen this in past generations?

How far down does the human decadence need to go before the forces of Nature (God?) begin to take back control because we are not promoting, teaching, and embracing harmonious co-existence with each other (isn't that a requirement to maintain and sustain for future assurances?). We seem to gravitate toward the
opposite direction, and we see the world is in turmoil largely because of that, (in my opinion). Why are we not promoting more positive ideals?

This blog is intended to open up dialogs, idea exchanges, opinions and ideals of others; with primary focus on what is truly important for future generations. And, hopefully, to come up with some workable helps and solutions for "bettering what needs bettering"!

Your comments are welcome!


w1z11 said...

I will begin by offering a few links to visit that are essentially open for anyone to view, including young children, unless specifically blocked by parent control measures. Many of these sites ask for membership signup information, and according to most "terms of service", children under 13 must have a parent setup the account, giving their approval. While that offers some level of control, it is very limited, in that no "proof of age" is required in many cases, meaning that children may be able to "forge" their way into the sites anyway.

Yahoo! Games (visit --sorry to say!) is one place that offers video games, some of which are harmless and even very educational. On the other hand, some are not. The prominently advertised games sometimes reflect sinister and underworldly themes, including murders, assassinations, mob and black market associations, and other such topics we all would prefer did not exist in our society.

To me, promoting these kinds of themes only encourages young children (and others) to think in terms of death, revenge, hatred, warfare, and the like; possibly fostering an unhealthy disregard for life and love and positive ideals.
Is it any wonder?

w1z11 said...

Next link that comes to mind is another game site that, unfortunately, has no working link to their TOS, but offers games of similar ilk to that of the Yahoo! site. It is GameWorld (visit