Wednesday, June 1, 2011

And the beat goes on.....!

The negativity continues!  Our news is filled with more and more signs of violence; more hatred; more conflicts; more wars; more ethnic, religious, racial, sexual, intellectual, personal, and other kinds of discrimination, cruelty, defamation, and other "ugly" human behaviors and practices.  

It seems like some things in our society are becoming like they were thousands of years ago...when human beings lived their lives under the philosophies and practices of "cut-throat" and "eye-for-an-eye" and "not-my-brother's-keeper" and other similar influences.  We seem to seek more revenge, more vengeance, and more retaliation; instead of more forgiveness, more acceptance, more peace and harmony.  

We allow our entertainment industry to freely promote violence, hatred, greed, sex, bullying, and blood and guts galore.  We introduce very young, impressionable minds to these things, and, somehow, we expect them not to be affected by it.  Duh!  Shame on us, I say!  Why don't we try teaching more of the opposites, instead?  

Is it because we might have to (again) return to Divine reasoning?  The only reasoning that makes any real sense for humankind is that which we've been taught through the many and varied religious influences.  Indeed, many, if not all of our laws are based on very old laws with very deep connections to some of the earliest human reasoning that effectively swayed the entire species to think in terms of "the greater good", and not in terms of "just taking care of number one".  Where did we lose the grasp on the "brotherly love" and "love thy neighbor" concepts we seemed to have, even as recently as a few decades ago?   

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